A Table For Twelve….. What Would You Eat……

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Wow, this is such a tough question to ask and answer, it feels very thought-provoking, like my mind has the list or answers.  So I am practising a little stillness around this question right now…..  if I had a choice in this moment, and it is a BIG if,  who would I invite to share with me my last meal on Earth and what would we eat…….. In dropping silently into my heart I can connect more deeply with my mind thoughts, judgements, self and other, beliefs, limiting beliefs, my feelings on an emotional level, the energy that I feel in my physical body and my favourite layer, intuition in this moment. In Heart IQ we call it tracking our many levels. There are more levels to track and for now I will stay with the above.  Three simple questions, how am I feeling around this question, using a little discernment, to track what is true for me in this moment, what has come from my life’s conditioning, given my truth, what is my longing and from this want, who would I share this time with?…..Silence……………………………….. It’s taken me back to a younger part of my life, my early childhood, a part unfulfilled with my now deceased father, in this silence he would be there….It feels good to invite him. For now I am going to leave this open and really invite for you to share “Your Table Of Twelve.”  My intuition is guiding me that it may take a lifetime to answer, as life’s twists and turns present themselves……. For me the food I would share would be simple and honest; 2 freshly fried eggs in a little butter with a hunk of crusty warm bread, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, it’s what my grandmother would make for me as a young child. It evokes memories, great memories, feelings of being loved, loved with this simple food, I felt seen, heard and loved, that’s what I would want to share…… My list will evolve and change, I look forward to sharing more…….. Today it goes like this, and btw you could add why “in a short story” you would love them there. My Father….. and as I go to type the next I am stuck again, I want to say Jesus and my head says with self judgement what about my beautiful wife and children….My Gran, she would be there…….

Author: Simon

My early memories of food stem from visits to my Grampy's allotment, six years old, digging, weeding and planting these tiny seeds and tender plants...Wow what an intro…taking this bounty back to Gran, who would make the most delicious meals for us to share…..most of the stuff I had no idea what it was called……but it smelt and tasted delicious….so the journey began…..cooking by aged eight, anything I could get my hands on….trained at catering college, a complete waste of time as I already knew all these techniques. Then came girls, a change of career, my wife and children….but I still cooked, learning, watching, practicing my hobby…..never really following a recipe!!! just trusting my hands …. the feel, the aromas, the look and, of course, the taste….re-trained at the tender age of 49 as a Heart IQ Coach…and this is it! Bosh!….got passionate about my passion in life, totally off the richter scale…..inspired by food….all of it….so, 2013 Heart Kitchen is born to share with the world …….sourcing, honouring, preparing, sharing and connecting …..I love it!!!! - Simon