Conditioning………Something we all have……..Explored through Heart Intelligence

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  Exploring life through the power of food.  Now that’s quite a bold statement so let’s explore a small part.   Ask yourself this question…..What if the purpose of life is to enjoy it?  I so often hear people say ‘I just want to be happy’  or  ‘I just want my partner/children to be happy’.   Happy is a very light word, I prefer the word Joy – it has depth, importance and richness for me and that is what I want from life.  What if in every decision or choice we make we are really seeking more joy, constantly searching and trying to be happier and not always managing it?  Ask yourself that question; can you relate to it? Does it show up in your life? Do you make a decision which seems right in that moment but is the wrong one again and again?   As we start off and go through life conditioning impacts us, enters us and shapes us.   It stays with us throughout our lifetime.  Conditioning can come from mothers, fathers, siblings, peers, extended family, work colleagues, specific events, an experience, from almost anywhere.  It shows up in so many guises and ways and has the power to create beliefs; beliefs that can turn into limiting beliefs and hold us back in life.  It can shape our thoughts, create fears, judgements and worries, create a reality of something that happened yesterday in this present moment,  (In Heart Intelligence we call that our W.H.Y – What Happened Yesterday, it’s our story, our drama).   Conditioning can create anxiety and incredible fear which will hold us back in life.  It shows up in relationship, health, fads, hang ups, phobias, an unwillingness to expand our food range, choices, our physical body, our health.  In reality, the affects are endless.  When we live from our conditioning and not from what is truly right for us it can affect our energy levels, our ability to make and maintain fulfilling relationships with others, our awareness of ourself, our connection to our source and all aspects of our lives.  Without awareness around this we can live our lives according to this  conditioning automatically, not questioning ‘Is this really true/right for me?’ and missing out on all the joy, richness and happiness that life can hold.    So you can see, it is fundamental to our quest to find more joy or happiness in life that we learn to discern between this conditioning and what is our truth or what is really right for us.   One aspect that comes up time after time in Heart Kitchen is our conditioning in relation to diet.  So do you see where this is leading…….our conditioned food choices and experiences around food can create a block to stop us from truly connecting to our joy relating to every aspect of  food.  In Heart Kitchen we explore this in relation to sourcing, preparation, cooking and eating food.  This exploration is enlightening in all aspects of our lives, from the jobs we do, to the relationships we have and that means all relationships – husband/wife, sibling, mother/father, friends, colleagues and our relationship to ourself.     A very simple example of conditioning in relation to food is shown to me time after time when I eat with my daughter.  When she was very young I was a fussy eater.  One thing in particular that I really didn’t like was the white of a fried egg.  I found it slimey, slippery and disgusting.  I shared these feelings very freely with my daughter and guess what….she feels the same way.  I actually taught her by experience not to like the white of a fried egg.  Another example I can see is how my father conditioned me to like crisps and pickles.  He would sit in the evening and eat a packet of salted crisps and pickled gherkins which I also did for years, even though it gave me incredible heartburn!  Now neither of these examples are a good or bad thing, they just are what they are, exactly the same as conditioning.  Sometimes our conditioning will be completely in alignment with who we are, with our truth, with what feels right for us and sometimes it won’t.  On our quest to create more joy/happiness in our life our mission (should you choose to accept it! lol)  is to recognise and discern within ourselves if something is coming from conditioning and ask ourselves the question…’Is this truly right for me?’ This is a very brief and simple example of how conditioning can and does enter our lives and the next time we will talk a bit about awareness.  So we will explore more about Heart Intelligence and learn a few simple steps that we can take to give us the ability to track and discern what comes from truth and what comes from conditioning. See our Chicken Kiev recipe  for a perfect example  

Author: Sue

I remember as a very small child, maybe 5 or 6 years old, my mother giving me some seeds to plant in a small area of ground in our garden. I was so excited….I could not believe that anything would grow from these tiny seeds, I could barely see. I planted my seeds, marveling at how tiny they were…..I tended them with water and loving care…..and sure enough I grew a patch of purple and white daisies and some radishes! That experience touched a part of me then that is very strong in me now….the complete awe that something beautiful and something that can be eaten and will nourish us, can be grown from such a teeny, tiny seed. I dabbled with gardening from then on for many years, watching my Mum grow her vegetables and growing radishes and other simple things. Then along came my children and in turn I gardened with them, giving them their own little plots in our garden.

When I moved to the house I still live in, about 10 years ago, I discovered, over by the fields, a disused allotment. It was fenced and incredibly overgrown, but with attention, action and time, my husband and I transformed it into a wonderful kitchen garden. We, me, my husband and four children erected a polytunnel (that was a fun experience in itself!), made large raised beds, shingle paths, compost bins, planted fruit trees and procured a shed. This space is now, for me, a complete sanctuary where I grow all manner of fruit and vegetables. I nurture and tend them well from the teeny tiny seed to the fully productive plant and they repay me with their luscious, delicious, nutritious offerings. It thrills me that I can produce the most wonderfully, delicious food from just a tiny seed and that my produce is used in Heart Kitchen….I put so much love into those fruit and veg it seems only fitting that the process continues ☺