How safe do you feel……

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Safety is the fundamental ingredient to lasting transformation and awakening. When we feel safe, we physiologically and neurologically relax allowing more access to the parts of our brain and consciousness that allows us to experience choice. Therefore, when we develop a sense of safety we become more creative and aware of the world around us, providing an increased ability to consciously manifest our lives . Without safety, we will operate in life from reaction and defense, a state that prevents access to our deepest feelings and authentic self. Safety is often confused with comfort yet they are very different. Comfort is a state of malaise and equilibrium where our greatness is not ignited nor expressed. In truth, someone who stays comfortable rarely feels safe enough to explore their insecurities. Thus, like a tight rope, safety allows us to test and challenge our fears while knowing and trusting that we are supported in case we lose our footing. If emotions were foods, safety would be your ability to taste. Without taste, food would only serve a purpose of fueling our bodies, but it’s the taste that brings the experience alive. Likewise, without safety, we would live a numb existence devoid of joyful self expression and thus although technically alive, we are not truly living. Author Christian Pankhurst

Author: Simon

My early memories of food stem from visits to my Grampy's allotment, six years old, digging, weeding and planting these tiny seeds and tender plants...Wow what an intro…taking this bounty back to Gran, who would make the most delicious meals for us to share…..most of the stuff I had no idea what it was called……but it smelt and tasted delicious….so the journey began… by aged eight, anything I could get my hands on….trained at catering college, a complete waste of time as I already knew all these techniques. Then came girls, a change of career, my wife and children….but I still cooked, learning, watching, practicing my hobby…..never really following a recipe!!! just trusting my hands …. the feel, the aromas, the look and, of course, the taste….re-trained at the tender age of 49 as a Heart IQ Coach…and this is it! Bosh!….got passionate about my passion in life, totally off the richter scale…..inspired by food….all of it….so, 2013 Heart Kitchen is born to share with the world …….sourcing, honouring, preparing, sharing and connecting …..I love it!!!! - Simon