Look what I picked in my garden today!

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My little kitchen garden is finally coming to life, after months of bleak barrenness, heavy, cold soil and slow slow growing seeds, we are starting to be able to harvest a few crops. Tender, succulent mixed leaves and little gems were abundant last week, we have had a few delicious asparagus spears, picked and eaten raw, a few sweet little yellow cherry tomatoes, plenty of herbs; but this morning – joy of joys! The first ripe, red, juicy, fragrant strawberries! Oh the delight of tripping out into the garden – fresh from sleep, bare feet cool on the patio not yet warmed by the hot summer sun, The air still and warm with expectation of another sunny day to come………how I want that moment to last. However, even if you cannot capture that moment to savour, what could be more enjoyable than a bowl of these sweet fruits topped with a dollop of whole Greek yoghurt? While I was busy grabbing handfuls of strawberries, I noticed the beetroot peaking out of the soil, looking nice and fat, round and purple. I grabbed a couple and pulled. Yes! They are nicely ripened. I pulled a few more and cut off their vibrant green leaves, leaving on most of the ruby red stalks……….. A quick wash (the beetroot-mine will come much later), and simmer in water for about an hour, leave to cool and the leathery skin will easily slide off. Now to attend to those lovely leaves. Washed in cold water and thrown into a pan to wilt, then drained, rinsed and chopped on a board with some freshly SMASHED garlic then drizzled with a drop of extra virgin oil- fantastic! Sliced the beetroot, served with the chopped leaves and topped with a huge piece of smoked mackerel and a dollop of horseradish- what a simple, tasty lunch evoking dreams of the long, hot summer to come? (She says hopefully……..) go on, try! Then take your plate outside and savour every mouthful, this fresh wholesome food deserves to be appreciated. It’s amazing how the flavours seem to shine through when you only concentrate on one thing at a time………..

Author: Celia

The Rambler, AKA Celia Dulieu
Celia has been sharing food, wine, recipes and friendship with Simon and Sue Gale for more than 15 years.
In a former life she was a mass caterer, working for large companies such as Selfridges, London; but after moving to the countryside with husband, 2 kids and dog, she resurrected her love of food, - particularly by entertaining her large extended family to lunches ,sharing informal get togethers with friends, and developing her small but productive kitchen garden. She is passionate about all things to do with food and wine; from where it is produced to how it arrived on her doorstep.
Celia’s love of meeting people, visiting places and trying different things has culminated in being invited to get involve with writing up the experiences of the Heart Kitchen and sharing her love of food with you through her ramblings.