More Come dine with me…….. Cuban and Italiano

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More Come Dine with me……………. You may remember last year, Sue and Simon held the inaugural CDWM in their beautiful candlelit Wedding Yurt. After many rearrangements, cancellations, etc – (it is very difficult to get a group of 16 plus adults to commit to dates even if they  have already been set). Barbara and Gareth hosted “CDWM – a Cuban Spectacular” in December, so it doubled up as a Christmas party, and Tracey and Steve have just laid on “CDWM – Italian Extravaganza”.   Barbara and Gareth’s event was a buffet party; Cuban flags were everywhere, ropes of fake flowers, bright colours adorned the walls, with the women all dressed in flamenco styles and the men mostly in flak gear or dressed as Che Guevara. The music was very South American, and we feasted on Cuban beef, a kind of spicy stew; with rice and salads, followed by fresh fruit, quite delicious, although those amongst us who had actually visited Cuba felt that Cuban food lacks variety – another place that survives on seasonal produce and doesn’t import much else from abroad, it being a very poor country. We made up for the lack of fresh vegetables by drinking Mojitos (for the ladies) whilst the men drank the Havana Gold Rum and did their utmost best to smoke a tray of fat hand rolled Cuban cigars. I must admit to trying one too, in the spirit of the evening – it took me till Christmas for my eyes to stop watering! The evening was rounded off with a lot of knees- up vigorous dancing and one notable guest falling off the veranda, crushing two ribs and severely winding himself. He hasn’t drunk rum since! Another Great night then! The Italian night started off well with most guests embodying the Italian in them; Steve looking flamboyant as a gondolier, Tracey as a Mafiosa, Aaron as a Mafiosi style Catholic priest (?) with Groucho Marx,  a gigolo, and various other Italian types languishing around sipping Prosecco…… Simon was enjoying slapping all the ladies bottoms, until he was told off for being too over enthusiastic, and to calm down (not that an Italian man would take any notice of course)! We were served mixed antipasti and breads, followed by meatballs and spaghetti, finishing with Tiramisu from the HK website. What a great evening! All the guests had arrived with nothing more on their minds than to catch up with all their friends, eat lovely food, have a few little drinks together and above all to have a great evening, – no one was therefore disappointed! Such a simple idea and much loved by everyone – watch this space for the remaining 5 evenings  – it may take some time!

Author: Celia

The Rambler, AKA Celia Dulieu
Celia has been sharing food, wine, recipes and friendship with Simon and Sue Gale for more than 15 years.
In a former life she was a mass caterer, working for large companies such as Selfridges, London; but after moving to the countryside with husband, 2 kids and dog, she resurrected her love of food, - particularly by entertaining her large extended family to lunches ,sharing informal get togethers with friends, and developing her small but productive kitchen garden. She is passionate about all things to do with food and wine; from where it is produced to how it arrived on her doorstep.
Celia’s love of meeting people, visiting places and trying different things has culminated in being invited to get involve with writing up the experiences of the Heart Kitchen and sharing her love of food with you through her ramblings.