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Ensaimadas… “Sweet Bread Of Mallorca”

"Phoebe, what would you love for your birthday celebration feast?" the list goes: home-made pizza with loads of toppings, a baked american cheese cake, "and Dad, do you remember those pastries we used to walk to the bakers to buy when we were on holiday in Spain? ...... Those please." so here they are, sweet and totally moorish we made 8, giant sized dusted in icing sugar.....well, it is a birthday celebration after all..........

By Simon

Breakfast & Anytime Sweet Potato Muffins………

Totally delicious healthy & nutritious, anytime sweet potato seeded muffins with a little heat kick, packed full of flavour and so simple to make, these little taste explosions can be made ahead, storing the mixture in a fridge ready to bake fresh in the morning.... Epic !!!

By Simon

Strawberry & Elderflower Fraisiers…..Beautiful…….

A true french classic with a little twist, today using crushed shortbread for the base. A stunning dinner party dessert, give it a go...............

By Simon

Chocolate Orange Ganache……….

A beautiful raw recipe inspired by Sophie from her recent event, Yoga, meditation, life and all things raw...... Rich & silky decadent chocolate with a hint of zesty orange, chilled on a crunchy base.

By Simon

Cherry Clafoutis……

A true French classic, cherry clafoutis......

By Simon

Pollock Dogs & Pastrami Sweet Potato Hash…..For Sue.

Beautiful, abundant fresh Pollock, created into a fish dog, today in a seeded roll, lashings of frisky mayo, smashed minted peas and a side of pastrami & sweet potato hash......Because we can.

By Simon

Home Oak Smoked Salmon, Watercress & Herby Feta Salad….& The Incredible journey……

Beautiful fresh Scottish salmon, today cured and smoked to perfection & served gently pulled into a feta and herby leaf salad. Perfect to share on a magnificent summers evening with family or friends.....Its fun too......Smoking.

By Simon

Lip Balm….And A Treasure Chest Of Ingredients.

Imagine a table laden with herbs, fruits, wild hedgerow plants, infusions, essential oils and essences from all over the planet, add a little mixture of gently heated oil and beeswax, a little love and you have a lip balm......

By Simon

Easy Focaccia, Olive, Walnut, Feta & Wild Thyme…..

Dating back to early Roman times the Focaccia flatbed was originally cooked in the ashes of the fire, in the hearth. Love its adaptability to re-create itself in so many beautiful ways, simple with coarse sea salt, herbs, drizzled with oil, filling each little nook and cranny. Today's version, green & black olives, crumbled with feta and smashed walnuts, epic sharing bread and easy to make, what will you top your focaccia with ?

By Simon

Roasted Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Jarlsberg Tart…… By Lucy Simmons

Simple, delicious and a truly adaptable dish anytime of day, sweet beetroot, nutty Jarsberg cheese, onion, herbs and sweet & white potatoes.......

By lucy