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Spiced Lamb Pasties… By Lucy Simmons

I made this pastry so my dad could take it into work for his lunch. He loved it and so did all his other co-workers. It smells and tastes delicious.

By lucy

Cooked Over A Wood Fire….Paella

Paella.....The most famous of Spain's culinary dishes. Incredibly versatile, today we share our own version of the famous, Paella of Valencia. Paella's origins began with the humble farmers, using whatever bits of meat and vegetables left over, the farmers of the coastal regions adding fish and seafood, bringing it all together with rice to create a much simpler version of the paella we know worldwide today. Simple honest and seasonal using the abundance all around us. A true sharing and dish of celebration.

By Simon

Glazed Honey, Mustard, Apple Gammon & A Side of Sage Stuffing

A big Gammon joint, English mustard, local honey and apples. This is a dish that we regularly share at Heart Kitchen, it's big, it's bold, it's adaptable, it's fun and looks and tastes totally amazing. So my encouragement is to give it a go, it's glorious! It's for more than just Christmas, it loves a party, a feast, with friends and family, the beautiful joint of British gammon. You will need love and a BIG pot to fit it in ;-)

By Simon

Barbecued Leg of Lamb infused with Anchovies and Garlic……

A most wonderful combination, Lamb infused with anchovies and garlic, its simple to prepare, a real winner for a sharing BBQ party.

By Simon

Roast Leg of Venison…..

Beautiful, wild Venison

By Simon

Aaron’s.. Kiwi Burgers

My dear friend from New Zealand, Aaron has been banging onto me for years about his famous Kiwi Burger. Well he made me one and I have to share it was totally scrum! A huge homemade beef pate laying on a bed of crispy lettuce, smothered in a mustard mayo, topped with a slab of melted cheese, a slice of juicy pineapple, slices of beetroot, tomato, sliced dills and a huge runny fried egg slammed on top with black pepper, all sandwiched between a mega bun. "Now that's a Kiwi Burger is he said" O.M.G. it was delicious and one was defo enough !!!! So here goes.......

By Simon

Slow roasted pork belly with epic crackling, apple sauce, beautiful spring purple sprouting broccoli, parmentier potato with spring onion and a rich gravy…..

A most excellent version for cooking a lovely pork belly, using a brine bath for 24 hours prior to slow roasting, delicious, tender, melt in the mouth meat with a crispy crackling. Extra special today as we get to serve with Kitchen garden's purple sprouting broccoli, crispy parmentier potato with baby spring onions, stored apple's for a yummy sauce and a rich gravy. A truly great recipe for an extra special feast.

By Simon

Panang Beef Curry….

This curry is so versatile, you could use seafood, chicken, pork whatever is taking your fancy, today we are using beautiful british beef. If you want a fix of Thailand then this is the one, making your own curry paste is fun, simple and a jolly good work out too, chopping and pounding the amazing ingredients into your own paste. As with most Thai dishes, a little forward planning and preparation go a long way. Oh yer and wash it all down with a nice little ice cold Thai beer !!!!! Enjoy

By Simon

Caramelised Onion soup with Gruyere twirls

On a chilly autumn evening or winter's day, there are few dishes more comforting than a wonderful caramelised onion soup with a scattering of cheese topped, crispy croutons. This recipe is simple and a complete joy to make, once you have got the slicing marathon done !!!! It can be made in advance, stored for a few days in the fridge or frozen, ready to consume...that's if you have any left to freeze !

By Simon

Slow cooked Beef in Stout…. served with a Crisp Rosti and Curly Kale

Let the magic work......resist the temptation and feel the anticipation as the slow cooked beef in a velvety stout works its wonders. Served with a simple rosti and seasonal kale from our kitchen garden.

By Simon