Category: Meat

Hobson & Jodie Go Pizza Crazy……….

Hobson & Jodie go pizza crazy in the Curious Kitchen.............The story goes.... We want to make fresh homemade pizza, " look we have bought a tonne of ingredients to top them and stuff them with. Cool I replied, let's get you both in the zone and make some fresh dough......What will you top and stuff your pizza dough with?......Watch out for the next session, as they make calzone stuffed crusts.........

By Simon

Grilled Sliders, Your Way……For Joe Davies

For you Joe Davies, a cheeky little number.....Sliders.....Fun, great for a feast, versatile, it's like happy food on a plate, let your culinary juices go crazy Joe, happy feasting.......

By Simon

Bay Wrapped Herby Spring Lamb …..

A snapshot of Heart Kitchen's event, Springtime in the Curious Kitchen..... We are all in, crazy food facts shared and eager to get moving, it's blue sky all the way, the sun has a gentle warmth and the birds are busy building in the surrounding hedgerows. There is something quite magical and honouring around preparing and cooking in this environment....... Wham !!!! The Dorset spring lamb is laid onto the table surrounded with our abundance for the day, this is gonna be fun, lets get cooking together with love!!!!!!

By Simon

Smoked Gammon……..

Smoked or unsmoked, a gammon is basically a ham joint which has been cured, just like bacon. Today spiced and glazed with fennel, onion salt, black pepper, honey and mustard, gently boiled first with ripped bay & black pepper corns. Finished in a smoker to give a rich smoky depth to the beautiful meat.

By Simon

Long & Slow Japanese Pork Belly……..

Picture this a slab of pork belly on the bone, scored and left to marinate in dark soy, honey, ginger and roasted salt with togarashi spices, then slowly and lovingly roasted in a low oven for many hours, the result, an explosion of crispy crackling, succulent meat and bones that you will just want to suck to death, full of the flavours of Japan. Give it a go its simple and a real stunner, served today with wasabi steamed buns and a crisp, chopped salad........

By Simon

Fondant Sweet Potato Topped Sheppards Pie…. Simple Hearty Feast

Herb infused sweet potato fondants, perched merrily on top of a flavour filled version of the shepherds pie, using ground beef instead of traditional lamb, suppose it's not a shepherds pie more like a farmer's pie. Interesting, fun and stretching few weeks for me, creating these dishes for nightshade intolerance, that's ingredients like tomato, peppers, chilli, aubergine, here goes hope you give it a run out in your kitchen..... enjoy.

By Simon

Bistro Stroganoff With Sweet Potato Matchsticks…….

Super quick, super easy midweek supper, beautiful fillet beef stroganoff, today made with a slight twist to fuel the dairy and nightshade intolerant amongst us......

By Simon

Steak Tartare Japanese Style And A Sharing Salmon & Samphire Version

It's like meat sushi......Japanese inspired flavours for our traditional steak tartare and a wonderful salmon and samphire version to play with too.

By Simon

Chorizo & Tomato Risotto… By Lucy Simmons

A simple sharing supper, beautiful silky risotto with spicy chorizo.

By lucy

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shanks, Straight From The Bustling Spice Market Of…..Moulay Idriss

An explosion of Morocco, inspired by Christine's visit to the bustling market and spice streets of Moulay Idriss. This epic dish slowly cooked over a few hours, spicy, sticky, sweet and falling from the bone lamb. Thank you for the freshest spices our kitchen has been blessed with Christine and we trust that this little dish will transport you right back there...

By Simon