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What can I say.....This wonderful dessert has wobbled it's way around the globe. A perfect base for the endless flavours of endless ingredients or simply in its truest form 'vanilla'. Unusual as it sounds, we are using basil and lemon in this recipe....delicious, impressive colours, aromas and we're going to 'dress it up' with a lemon top!

By Sue

Lobster Thermidor

Beautiful, Lobster Thermidor

By Simon

Lobster Ravioli with a Bisque Sauce…… Ravioli di Aragosta con Salsa Bisque

In a bisque the shell of the seafood is the star of the ingredients, giving substance and flavour to the basic sauce. So here is my little spin on a classic lobster bisque!

By Simon

Garden frittata & nasturtium salad

A delight of freshness straight from the heart of the kitchen garden and the ever willing chickens! So quick and utterly scrumptious. Those peppery nasturtium flowers- WOW!

By Simon

Tiramisu with a Crunch …….. Tiramisu con Crisis

Roughly translated "pick me up" like an espresso & sugar lifting my spirits.

By Simon

WHEN’S YOUR LASAGNE DAY !!!!!! …….. with a Tuscan Ragu


By Simon

THE FARMERS MARKET- sticky rhubarb & ginger cake


By Simon

LEMON ricotta cake

An Explosion of Lemon .......

By Simon

Homemade Tagliatelle & slow slow slow Ox Cheek Ragu……. Lento,Lento,Lento Guancia di Bue Ragu Tagaleteli

Wonderful, wonderful Ox cheeks..........slow slow slow

By Simon

FIERY soba noodles with king scallops


By Simon