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Rhubarb 5 ways

Dad strolled up to the house pushing a wheelbarrow full of rhubarb, he asked us to cook something using the rhubarb so here's what we did! ...........We being Phoebe and Niamh.......... !!!!!!!!

By Simon

Cooking with FIRE

For Her .... Playing with FIRE

By Simon

Sea Salt Chocolate & Mascarpone Torte ….. Mare Salato Chocolate Torte con Crema di Mascarpone

Delicious sea salt infused chocolate torte - sexy and indulgent

By Simon

Apricot Tarte Tatin

For Her.......

By Simon

Chocolate Indulgence Guinness Cake

A delicious, moist, chocolate indulgence! It holds an undertone of the stout and actually looks like a glass of stout with its dense blackness and creamy, frothy topping.

* This is the ingredient list for one cake. I love to make two and sandwich them together with some of the creamy topping!

* Alternatively, for a sour cream topping simply substitute soured cream for the cream cheese and leave out the double/whipping cream

* Remember to double this ingredient list if you are sandwiching together two cakes and want to cover in topping as well!

By Sue

Spiced Coffee Flan

If you like coffee, you will love this recipe, one slice just isn't enough !!!!

By Simon

Italian Spatchcock Chicken with Vine Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Mozzarella with Herby Breadcrumbs and Italian Leaf Salad with a Grape, Lemon and Balsamic Dressing

This is a quick, very simple and amazing feast. The Mozzarella also makes a delicious, quick snack any time of day!

By Simon