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Apple & Fruit Hot Cross Scones… By Lucy Simmons

Apple and mixed fruit scones.....perfect for an afternoon tea and not just for Easter too.

By lucy

Simon’s Lamb Doner Kebabs with Crunchy Beet & Carrot Salad…..

Inspired by our Turkish friend, Lovely Chubbly and his love of Turkish traditional doner kebabs, we decided at Heart Kitchen to create our own version. It's packed with flavour and is so very simply and fun to make. Today we finished it off in front of our open, wood burning fire! Delicious!

By Simon

Mango, Cardamon & White Chocolate Easter or Anytime Bread… By Lucy Simmons

A total taste explosion, mango, cardamon, white chocolate & pistachio, sweet bread traditionally served at Easter, we feel any time of the year is perfect......

By lucy

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake… By Lucy Simmons

Amazing...and delicious!

By lucy

Salted Caramel Cupcakes… By Lucy Simmons

Perfect for a celebration and totally delicious.....This is the most delicious cup cake you will ever taste!

By lucy

Delicious Chocolate Mousse… By Lucy Simmons

A delightful smooth rich chocolate mousse simple to prepare in advance.... a real winner for dessert.

By lucy

Rocky Road… By Lucy Simmons

A simple to prepare, delicious rocky road. A treat any time of the day, or night..... Great fun and one square just isn't enough!

By lucy

My First Wedding Cake…….. By Lucy Simmons

My First wedding cake, beautiful rich chocolate sponges, stacked in tiers, 4 large cakes filled with rich vanilla cream and 4 smaller chocolate cakes, filled with richvanilla cream. Slathered in rich vanilla cream and decorated with beautiful seasonal fresh flowers.........

By lucy

Zesty Orange Gingerbread Pudding… By Paula Simmons

This zesty pudding is a delicious twist to the normal bread and butter pudding. Its just as nice cold the next day with a cup of tea for a perfect afternoon pick me up.

By lucy

Simple Saturday Night In…….. Monkfish Curry…………..

A truly aromatic and delicious curry. So simple to make, quicker than driving to the takeaway. We used monkfish and it would definitely taste just as delectable with most meat, fish, seafood or simply with fresh vegetables. Go on, treat yourself! XXX

By Sue