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Ginger Shortbread… By Lucy Simmons

Shortbread, simple, delicious and fun....What will you make?

By lucy

Lemon Ricotta Pudding & Laced Oat Crumble ….

Cooking disasters, all is not lost as the story goes..... Baker boy Murray was making a cake for his monthly work Bake Club. "Lemon ricotta cake it is then" he announced, epic here is the recipe to follow, now after a long and head spaced day in the office, late and short of time he set to bake.... follow the story in the recipe to see what unfolded next......

By Simon

Festive Bread Sauce……Our Traditional Family Recipe

Our Christmas feast....Without our 'hand me down' family bread sauce recipe, it just wouldn't be the same. Something so simple, using onion & festively infused milk, a stale loaf and some freshly ripped bay leaves. Totally a must have! and our invitation... forget the packet stuff and defiantly forget using over processed sliced bread. The rest of the world may feel this accompaniment is weird, but give it a try world and see.....

By Simon

Vibrant Red Cranberry Sauce…..

Vibrant red cranberry sauce, so simple to make and store ahead, perfect for Christmas day lunch.

By Simon

Christmas Stuffing With Roasted Shallots & Smoked Garlic Heads…

After fifty years of secrecy......Mum reveals our family favourite recipe for her crispy, flavoursome sage & onion stuffing with baked shallots & roasted smoked garlic bulbs. Epic.

By Simon

Whats In Your Store Cupboard……… Simple Flapjacks.

I was looking through my larder and noticed several half used packages of dried fruit and nuts and, hating waste as I do, decided to make these delicious flapjacks using up whatever was left. So my encouragement is see what you have left in the larder and experiment, you can't get it wrong! :)

By Sue

Thai Red Curry Paste……

Red Thai curry paste, fragrant, pungent, aromatic with a gentle heat that creeps up from within. Your ingredients will simply flourish bathing in this sheer delight. It's incredibly easy to make and will transform your curry into a thing of beauty. It works beautifully with meats, fish, seafood or vegetables. This recipe will make an abundance of paste that's readily available for that quick fix blast of Thailand. For a neat little trick spoon the paste in ice cube moulds, freeze and it will last up to 3 months.

By Simon

Parmigiano Reggiano……Origin & Ancient Traditions.

Parmigiano Reggiano, the king of Italian cheese. Let's get to the heart of the matter, loved worldwide, steeped in ancient traditions, its amazing creation process, ageing, texture and taste, oh the taste !!!!! intensely pure, a rich deep adult saltiness, grab a chunck see how your taste buds come alive and start to dance on your tongue. Amazing on is own and a truly wonderful culinary ingredient, image a simple ragu with fresh pasta and a scattering of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano bringing the whole dish to life.....

By Simon

Abundant Plum Spiced Preserve…..

Abundant late summer English plums, forage the hedgerows and enjoy, truly worth the time and such a delicious sharing gift.

By Simon

Classic Italian Ciabatta… By Lucy Simmons

Another week of the Great British Bake Off which means another technical challenge. The wonderful airy and crusty loaf of Italy....Ciabatta bread - also known as slipper bread.

By lucy