Category: Vegetarian

Meat Free Monday Burgers & A Kicking BBQ Sauce…..

Inspired from the cookbook "Peace & Parsnips" a little twist on a couple of groovy burger recipes to celebrate meat free mondays in the Curious Kitchen.... Roasted sweet potato & aubergine, miso infused brown rice, sun kissed tomato and a ton of other stuff.... A quick and simple wild mushroom & bean burger, also packed with lots of stuff and of course flavour. Give em a blast its BBQ party time.................


Roasting Sweet Chestnuts……3 Ways, maybe 4………

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping on your nose, Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, and folks dressed up like Eskimos" ................

By Simon

Easy Pot Noodles Your Way…….Food On The Move……

A super simple, super quick, super healthy, super transportable lunchtime, anytime meal. You choose.... It could be Japanese inspired with miso paste, Thai inspired with thai spices, Italian using basil, tomatoes, cooked pasta and crispy croutons, Indian, Mexican, the tastes of Spain, try it Dutch style with beetroot, hearty British country vegetables the list just goes on....So give them a try, on the move food ready and waiting, just add hot water !!!!!

By Simon

Pitta Bread (Gluten Free)…From The Great British Bake Off…. By Lucy Simmons

One more recipe from the Great British Bake Off... Gluten free pitta breads, perfect to fill with your food favourites. Simon loves them packed with cruncy salad, roasted & shredded lamb, topped with a rich tomato & chilli sauce, I love them filled with my favourite roast chicken, salad and a fresh mayo, just perfect for my school lunch.... Give them a go..........

By lucy

Chocolate Orange Ganache……….

A beautiful raw recipe inspired by Sophie from her recent event, Yoga, meditation, life and all things raw...... Rich & silky decadent chocolate with a hint of zesty orange, chilled on a crunchy base.

By Simon

Vibrant Couscous……Smiling With Flavour For You Nikki.

Fresh, vibrant and packed with flavour & texture, this green couscous is so versatile, mix up the flavours, what would your tasty buds want ? Its' a truly stunning dish to adorn any table. For you Nikki....

By Simon

Seriously Lemon……Curd.

Imagine the lemons in front of your eyes, their journey from flower to fruit, drenched in warming sunshine, a touch of rain. It's like they have been on a summer vacation and after the journey to your table are ready for a wake up call. Well, wake them up!!!! Rolling with slight pressure with your hands on a wooden worktop or board, stirring the juices from their slumber, the zest will be grateful, awakening its essence. The aroma of fresh lemons could take you on a journey back to there origin, sweet groves of fragrant lemons...... Lets make curd.......

By Simon

Abundance, Strawberry Jam……

We love preservation in the Curious kitchen, natures store cupboard of abundance and today a truly delicious, simple, vibrant strawberry jam. It's fun and we promise you this; the jam can be stored for up to 6 months although once your family and friends taste your jam, it won't be around for that long!.....Makes 3 Kg...............

By Simon

Avocado & Black Bean Nachos… By Lucy Simmons

A truly simple midweek dish to prepare and share together, crispy nachos smothered in zingy tomato and chilli sauce, a generous scattering of black beans & tiny nuggets of sweetcorn, topped off with avocado, melted cheese and a handful of jalapeños.... Vibrant with a great explosion of taste and texture to stir all of your senses.

By lucy

Easy Focaccia, Olive, Walnut, Feta & Wild Thyme…..

Dating back to early Roman times the Focaccia flatbed was originally cooked in the ashes of the fire, in the hearth. Love its adaptability to re-create itself in so many beautiful ways, simple with coarse sea salt, herbs, drizzled with oil, filling each little nook and cranny. Today's version, green & black olives, crumbled with feta and smashed walnuts, epic sharing bread and easy to make, what will you top your focaccia with ?

By Simon