Cuisine: America

Epic Bonfire Night Chilli Dogs…..1 Foot Long

Big appetite, this is the dog for you. Dream...... a crusty fresh baked baguette, filled with caramelised onions, a foot long pork or beef sausage, lashings of fire cooked beef chilli adorned with a handful of roasted red and yellow chillies. This is the one, the gut buster of a feast. Perfect for party times, celebrations, feasts and cold winter evenings, served with ice cold buckets of beer....... One is probably enough !!!!!!!

By Simon

Roasted Pumpkin Pie….. By Phoebe Gale

Just in time for Thanksgiving- Phoebe's version of a traditional pumpkin pie using an freshly harvested pumpkin, roasted and blitzed ...... none of that puree tinned stuff here at heart kitchen......have a great Thanksgiving our friends over the pond.

By phoebegale

Snickers (or Marathon for us oldies)… A Stunning Dessert

In my younger day,s it was called a marathon bar, so the idea here is to create a marathon dessert taste explosion, ousing thick caramel sauce hidden inside a light caramel sponge, a good helping of rich chocolate ice cream, scattered with toasted peanuts..... Epic enjoy your marathon, snickers.......

By Simon

Spectacular Humming Bird Cake… By Lucy Simmons

We saw Jamie Oliver making this spectacular cake recently and felt so inspired to give a go, soft, fruity, moist, sponge, it's like a carrot cake pumped up with a zesty lime frosting, adorned in crunchy nut brittle. We decorated ours in pretty little peppery Nasturtium petals, amazing and the foragers loved it. The only thing left on the plate..... crumbs.

By lucy

American Peanut Butter Cookies…..And A Giant Cookie Man. By Robson Gale

Biscuits are very sparse in our larder today, so I decided to make a bunch of fresh baked American peanut butter cookies and a giant peanut butter cookie man.... easy to make and exciting as they emerge from our oven, freshly baked, just perfect to share on a lazy wet and windy Sunday afternoon. Over and out by Robson Gale aged 18 and 3/4 yrs.....Hope you enjoy, I know they won't last long.

By Simon

Ernest’s Ultimate Lobster Chowder…..

Ernest shares his recipe for Amazing Lobster Chowder.....

By Simon

Mac ‘N’ Meatballs in Mozzarella….Or could it be Pizza…….

A great, family friendly dish with very delicate flavours, dotted with tiny bite-size meatballs and not too spicy! Easy to prepare in advance for a week night supper, served with a simple green salad. Or here is a thought, make or buy a few large pizza bases and simply add the mix to the base..hey presto a truly delicious, Mac "N" Meatball Mozzarella Pizza, simple teatime treat. Enjoy!

By Simon

Chocolate Chip Cookies… By Lucy Simmons

One for the children, a fun and easy recipe that is great for an occasion like a birthday. These cookies are soft in the middle and golden brown on the outside and the chocolate chips melt in your mouth when taking your first bite. For a variation add smarties to the cookie dough.

By lucy

Courgette & Carrot Cake with Lime Frosting….

Carrot cake - a real worldwide favourite and definitely one of my family choices for a treat. Believed to have originated from the the Midwest region of America. Today we also added a couple of ripe courgettes for extra flavour and moistness and a zingy lime frosting for sweetness and flavour.

By Simon

American Baked Cheesecake…with berries & lashing’s of cream

This great classic American baked cheesecake, although I feel to say classic New York Cheesecake, it is after all its birthplace. Serve it plain or adorn with strawberries or seasonally fresh berries, homemade fruit jams or chopped nuts and a rich fruity glaze. One of our family favourites for many years. Enjoy .......

By Simon