Cuisine: cajun

Jambalaya… By Lucy Simmons and a New Orleans Creole Jambalaya….

I first discovered this recipe when I was on holiday in Dominican Republic. It's a spicy dish which includes sausages and chicken, as well as a rice base and seasoned with cayenne and black pepper. The rich tomato sauce brings the whole dish together. I have also included Simon's version from the Creole and Cajun influenced area of New Orleans. Jambalaya provides this area with a basic recipe into which they can toss virtually anything from the refrigerator from left overs to foods that are about to turn. They say if some people's Jambalaya is dark brown whilst others is brighter red - its simply because no two recipes are alike.

By lucy

Spiced Coffee Flan

If you like coffee, you will love this recipe, one slice just isn't enough !!!!

By Simon