Cuisine: Oriental

Beef Ribs Roasted Slow In Hoisin, Pulled & Served In Pancakes……

Epic Beef short ribs marinated and slow cooked in hoisin sauce, succulent, tender melt in the mouth and deliciously tasty, puled from the rib, served in a steamed pancake with wafer thin spring onions.......

By Simon

Tina’s Platter Gets Christened…. Chinese Style Proper Sweet & Sour Pork

Forget the sweet and sour pork we sometimes get in the UK, heavy doughy balls with little pork inside them, drenched in sweet and obscurely red sauce. This is the real deal, a family favourite at our table, taken from a really old recipe book by Ken Hom Chinese cookery 1984. delicately and boldly balanced with fresh lean pork, served today with fresh cut pineapple and noodles. And as the title suggests the first meal served on our newly commissioned platter, designed and created by our great friend Tina Davies, just perfect together.

By Simon

Crispy Duck With Sticky Plum Sauce…….. And Steamed Pancakes

One of our nation's favourite dishes of the Orient. Crispy, slow roasted duck all wrapped up in a steaming pancake, adorned with fresh cucumber, spring onions and a sweet sticky plum sauce, one or two just isn't enough.......

By Simon

Crispy Chilli Beef with Black Beans……

Waking up all your senses, this is the dish for you!!!!! Vibrant and alive, packed with flavour, fresh, sweet, crunchy, sticky with a gentle warmth, the black beans and quick stir fry vegetables give crunch, depth and colour. Served today on a bed of crispy, smoky rice noodles. You may want to make double as it's one of those dishes that just has you going back for more.

By Simon

Cheeky…… Chicken Satay Pitta Pockets… By Lucy Simmons

A great dinner that will impress your family! A lovely chicken satay sauce coated chicken and placed in a pitta pocket, all served with green salad. An easy dinner that is so enjoyable to make and lovely to eat.

By lucy

Thai Monkfish served with Fragrant Jasmine infused Sticky Rice….

For you our dearest Hev........this amazingly aromatic thai spiced curry, using beautiful monkfish and a serving of fragrant, jasmine infused rice. A dish that will simply blow your senses wild, like a rocket screaming up to the skies. Give it a try and send yourself into orgasmic food heaven!

By Simon

Katsu Curry…. Fragrant Aromatic and Truly Satisfying….

Katsu Curry…. Filling your kitchen with wild aromatic fragrance, a joy to prepare, as your eager diners await with hungry hearts. Simple and fulfilling

By Simon

FIERY soba noodles with king scallops


By Simon