Tiger Prawn Flourishing in Thai Red Curry….and a load spare for the freezer!

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March 27, 2014

Red Thai curry paste, fragrant, pungent, aromatic with a gentle heat that creeps up from within. Your ingredients will simply flourish bathing in this sheer delight. It's incredibly easy to make and will transform your curry into a thing of beauty. It works beautifully with meats, fish, seafood or vegetables. This recipe will make an abundance of paste that's readily available for that quick fix blast of Thailand. For a neat little trick spoon the paste in ice cube moulds, freeze and it will last up to 3 months.

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr
  • Yields: 4


4 Medium Red onions

10 Large Plump garlic

12 Medium Lemon grass stalks

8 Medium Red chillies

4 Handful Fresh coriander

1 Chunk Fresh ginger about 10cm

4 Large Limes

8 tsp Chilli powder

4 Handful Kaffir lime leaves

4 tsp Shrimp paste

8 tsp Turmeric powder

2 tsp Cumin seeds

12 tsp Hot paprika

8 tbsp Vegetable oil

24 Large Fresh tiger prawns

2 Medium Leeks

2 Medium Carrots

1 Dash Vegetable oil

2 Heaped tbsp Red curry paste

2 Large Fresh garlic

4 Small handful Kaffir lime leaves

250 ml Vegetable stock

400 ml Chopped tomato

400 ml Coconut milk

1 Bunch Fresh coriander

240 Grams Wild rice

1 Scattering Dried chilli flakes


To make the Thai red curry paste - simply place all the prepared ingredients into a blender and pulp to a smooth consistent paste.  The recipe we have used will make enough for approx 4 separate currys for 4 people.  Freeze in ice cube moulds, storing for up to 3 months.

Tiger prawns basking in the sauce.  In a large flameproof dish over a medium heat, gently sauté the leeks and carrots for 10 mins, add  the garlic and 2 tbsp of your paste and continue to sauté for a further 3 mins.  Add the lime leaves, vegetable stock and combine.  Bring to a boil, then turn down the heat to a gently simmer for 10 mins.  Add tomatoes and coconut milk and give it all a good stir.  In a pan of rapidly boiling water add the wild rice and cook for 25 mins, drain, leaving the rice in the pan.  Add tiger prawns to the curry and cook for 3-4 mins.  Fork the rice through, place the curry and rice into warmed serving dishes and scatter with chopped coriander and a small dish of chilli flakes.


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