Smashing – The Garlic Story

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smash it

Releasing the juice…..      ADAPTED BY SIMON …FROM THE BOOK  ”LOVE ,GOD, AND THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING ”    BY JAMES F.TWYMAN I have come to realise that my life, love, relationships rarely come in organised, neat little steps.  Maybe that was my problem…..for years I wanted things to go in a certain way and failed to see how life would move naturally. I thought that if I packaged everything up neatly it would give me control of my emotions and my life.  Looking back, I had the fear of showing the parts of me that had been smashed, exposing myself to the world so like the sliced garlic, my juice did not flow.  Let me show you…. Take a garlic bulb, right now.  I see most cooks still cutting garlic in neat, little slivers.  Now, this does not bring out the flavour.  What I learned from my friend, Roger, a wonderful French chef living in Canada,  is that garlic has a very interesting quality.  It heals itself after it has been cut.  Just like your finger would want to retain its blood the garlic wants to retain its juice.  By slicing the garlic, slowly and carefully, in the time you go to use it….it has locked its juice back inside.  Now smashing the garlic, it can’t heal itself and its juice is completely exposed and can really be tasted.  Try it, smash it right now, hard with the side of a large knife! See the Juice!!  So, maybe you’re wondering right now, what has garlic got to do with life.   What I am saying is, my life, your life, relationships, love are not supposed to be slowly dissected and put into neat little packages, we are meant to be smashed.  For me my juice, inside of me, starts to flow out and adds flavour to everything I touch.  Are you getting it?…..when we try to control our circumstances and that of people around us, we do that out of fear.  It’s like we might give too much of ourself away.  It’s like stopping the flow of life, the juice, before it starts.  So my encouragement is to let go of fear and let your life force, your flavour spill out into the world like the smashed garlic.  Transfer this into your life and into your food, like the potatoes and onions in this dish they don’t have to be uniform and all the same, let them be random whatever shape they turn out to be…….and the salt, most of us try to live an overly sanitised life, as if being clean and being pure are the same thing.  The sea salt we use in Heart Kitchen isn’t bright white like the salt you probably use, it’s a little discoloured and sometimes has little bits of earth or sand in it.  I find it so much better for us because the so called ‘impurities’ are what make it healthy.  These things are what make a great hash, because they aren’t perfect, they are perfect in their imperfection.  The garlic has been smashed so the juice flows, the vegetables are chopped randomly, the salt has some colour to it and then there’s the love that blends it all together.  Show up as who you truly are with all your juice and richness not matter what disasters, challenges and hazards you are faced with and enjoy all of life’s richness, fullness and beauty… deserve it! As does the World!

Author: Celia

The Rambler, AKA Celia Dulieu
Celia has been sharing food, wine, recipes and friendship with Simon and Sue Gale for more than 15 years.
In a former life she was a mass caterer, working for large companies such as Selfridges, London; but after moving to the countryside with husband, 2 kids and dog, she resurrected her love of food, - particularly by entertaining her large extended family to lunches ,sharing informal get togethers with friends, and developing her small but productive kitchen garden. She is passionate about all things to do with food and wine; from where it is produced to how it arrived on her doorstep.
Celia’s love of meeting people, visiting places and trying different things has culminated in being invited to get involve with writing up the experiences of the Heart Kitchen and sharing her love of food with you through her ramblings.